Green and Intelligent Supply Chain Working Group


Martin-Charles Boucher 

Workgroup members

  • Timothy Ayoub, L3 MAS
  • Marc Bigras, Groupe Meloche
  • Francis Cloutier, Bombardier
  • François Cyr, PCM Techfab
  • Jacques Dodier, Pratt & Whitney Canada
  • Éric Faucher, Hutchinson Aéronautique et Industrie Ltée
  • Hélène Houde, CAE
  • Josée Laroche, JMJ Aéronautique
  • Louis Marc Pinard, Arconic
  • Jean Proteau, APN
  • Corinne Rodriguez, Bell



The global aerospace supply chain is changing rapidly. The challenges resulting from this transformation are significant but come with equally important opportunities for the Québec industry, whose members are recognized for their expertise and ingenuity. 

The mandate of this working group is to create an environment conducive to synergies, innovation and collaboration among all players in Québec’s aerospace supply chain to strengthen its position within global value chains. The green and intelligent aspects were integrated into the Working group in 2019, in order to get closer to the non-traditional niches of the cluster.







  • To identify, analyze and communicate changes and transformations in global supply chains. 
  • To deploy tools, mechanisms and resources to meet the changing realities and needs of the industry. 
  • To ensure the planning and implementation of a concerted action plan with the aim of increasing competitiveness (of Québec suppliers). 


Key projects: 

  • MACH and MACH  FAB  4.0 
  • Global Supply Chain Summit - Montréal 
  • Vision Grand manufacturier
  • Mise à niveau REACH



Workgroup President

It's exciting to know that we are helping to create the necessary conditions for the development of future technologies that will significantly transform the industry for decades to come.

Louis Marc Pinard
Champion of the Working Group
General Manager, Arconic