Implementing an inclusive succession planning strategy

Aéro Montréal - Implementing an inclusive succession planning strategy

The Inclusive succession planning initiative is supported by the Ministère du Travail, de l'Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale du Québec (MTESS), Canada Economic Development for Québec Regions (CED), the Secrétariat à la condition féminine, the Montréal Metropolitan Community and the Caisse Desjardins des travailleuses et travailleurs unis. The multi-sectoral initiative deploys a concerted action plan to address key labour force challenges as part of an inclusive succession planning strategy. The Business component of the initiative aims to equip participating businesses to recruit and develop best practices in equity, diversity and inclusion management (EDIM).


  • Expand and diversify the available labour pool
  • Better integration of underrepresented minorities to meet workforce needs and retain them in employment
  • Transforming the company’s culture in favour of diversity
  • Enhancing the employer brand to attract and integrate diversity talent

Who it’s for

Aerospace and related SMEs headquartered in Québec.


Reframing talent strategies and fostering a more inclusive industry can help aerospace organizations achieve their full potential now and down the road.

Download our report with insights from the Canadian Aerospace Industry Diversity, Equity and Inclusions Survey 2022




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