Montréal, the third largest aerospace centre in the world!

Montréal is now the third largest aerospace centre in the world, after Toulouse and Seattle. Our cluster has close to 60,000 workers, including 43,000 in the manufacturing sector alone. Its annual sales total more than $15 billion and 80% of production is exported, making it the largest export sector in Québec. It has five OEMS, 15 senior partners who are either equipment manufacturers or maintenance, repair and overhaul companies. With an additional 185 suppliers, the Montréal aerospace cluster is known around the world.

Québec accounts for 53% of Canadian aerospace industry revenues and 49% of jobs. In Canada, aerospace industry revenues are $31 billion. In 2018, Canada’s aerospace industry alone accounted for more than 160,000 direct and indirect jobs. In manufacturing, 51% of jobs are in Québec, 30% in Ontario, 14% in Western Canada, and 5% in the Atlantic. For the maintenance, repair and overhaul sector, the distribution is 23% in Québec, 25% in Ontario, 40% in the west and 11% in the Atlantic provinces. 98% of aerospace manufacturing companies are exporters.

A Brief History of Aerospace in Québec

Human beings have always wanted to fly. Québecers are no exception. For more than a century, our aerospace industry has been growing and Montréal is now the third largest aerospace centre in the world. To find out more about this remarkable story.

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The Gilles-Demers Awards: the best among us

Every two years, the Gilles-Demers Awards recognize the leadership and excellence of Québec’s aerospace SMEs. This competition promotes the development of players in Québec’s aerospace cluster by recognizing small and medium-sized companies that demonstrate leadership in key areas. To learn more, and to learn about the best companies in the industry.

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