35 members representing all sectors of our industry

The board of directors is composed of 35 members representing all sectors of our industry. It meets four times a year to discuss and act on the major issues of the industry. Three committees of the Board ensure compliance with Aéro Montréal's legal and fiduciary obligations, namely the Governance, Finance and Audit and Human Resources committees.

Corporate secretary

  • Suzanne M. Benoît +

    Suzanne M. Benoît


    Aéro Montréal

Original Equipment Manufacturers

  • Philippe Balducchi +

    Philippe Balducchi


    Airbus Canada

  • Maria Della Posta +

    Maria Della Posta


    Pratt & Whitney Canada

  • Hélène V. Gagnon +

    Hélène V. Gagnon

    Vice President, Public Affairs and Global Communications


  • Steeve Lavoie +

    Steeve Lavoie


    Bell Textron Canada

  • Olivier Marcil +

    Olivier Marcil

    Vice-President, External Relations

Integrators and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul companies (MRO)

  • Denis Giangi +

    Denis Giangi


    Rolls-Royce Canada


  • Patrick Champagne +

    Patrick Champagne

    Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Government Relations

    CMC Electronics


  • Claude Baril +

    Claude Baril

    Managing Director

    Stelia Aerospace North America

  • Sylvain Boisvert +

    Sylvain Boisvert

    General Manager Canada - Safran Engineering Services

    Safran Canada

  • Joanna Boshouwers +

    Joanna Boshouwers

    Chief Operations Officer


  • Louis Brunet +

    Louis Brunet

    Director Business Development

    Collins Aerospace

  • Paul Costanzo +

    Paul Costanzo

    Chief Executive Officer

    Sonaca Montréal

  • Michel Grenier +

    Michel Grenier

    Vice President, General Manager

    Thales Canada, Avionics

  • Gilles Labbé +

    Gilles Labbé

    Executive Chairman of the Board


  • Joris Myny +

    Joris Myny

    Sr. Vice President, Digital Industries

    Siemens Canada Limited

  • Alain Ouellette +

    Alain Ouellette

    Executive Leader – Automation and HPC component mfg R&D Center

    GE Aviation

  • Ugo Paniconi +

    Ugo Paniconi

    Acting Vice President & General Manager

    L3 Technologies MAS inc.

  • Louis Marc Pinard +

    Louis Marc Pinard

    General Manager


  • Poste vacant +

    Poste vacant

    Lockheed Martin Canada

Small and medium-sized enterprises

  • Jean Blondin +

    Jean Blondin


    Abipa Canada.

    Corporate Treasurer

  • Jacques Cabana +

    Jacques Cabana

    President & CEO

    FDC Composites

  • Jean-François Dupont +

    Jean-François Dupont

    Chief Executive Officer


  • Hugue Meloche +

    Hugue Meloche

    President & CEO

    Groupe Meloche

    Executive Committee President

  • Yves Proteau +

    Yves Proteau



  • Sylvain Savard +

    Sylvain Savard

    Executive Board Member and Founder

    Avianor inc.

Institutional representatives

  • Alain Aubertin +

    Alain Aubertin

    President & CEO

    Consortium de recherche et d'innovation en aérospatiale au Québec (CRIAQ)

  • Janie Béïque +

    Janie Béïque

    Executive Vice-President Investments

    Fonds de solidarité FTQ

  • Richard Chénier +

    Richard Chénier

    General Manager


  • David Chartrand +

    David Chartrand

    Grand Lodge Representative, IAMAW


  • Pascal Désilets +

    Pascal Désilets


    École nationale d’aérotechnique (ENA) - Centre technologique en aérospatiale (CTA)

  • Éric Dionne +

    Éric Dionne


    École des métiers de l'aérospatiale de Montréal (ÉMAM)

  • Nathalie Paré +

    Nathalie Paré

    Executive Director

    Comité sectoriel de main-d'oeuvre en aérospatiale du Québec (CAMAQ)

  • Philippe A. Tanguy +

    Philippe A. Tanguy

    General Manager

    Polytechnique Montréal

  • Ibrahim Yimer +

    Ibrahim Yimer

    Director General, Aerospace Research Centre

    National Research Council Canada


  • Mario Bouchard +

    Mario Bouchard

    Assistant deputy minister, Direction générale des secteurs stratégiques et des projets économique

    Ministère de l'Économie, de la Science et de de l’Innovation

  • Julie Insley +

    Julie Insley

    Executive Director, Québec Region

    Innovation, Sciences et Développement économique Canada