Join the world’s most innovative aerospace cluster!

  • Do you want to develop your business in the aerospace market? 
  • Do you work closely with companies in the aerospace sector? 
  • Do you want to play a role in the growth of our industry?  


You can benefit from:  

  • A range of services at preferential prices (networking, training, information sharing, international missions, etc.); 
  • A voice in forums dealing with issues that are important to our industry; 
  • Relevant and sometimes exclusive information on aerospace in Québec and around the world (newsletters, press releases, seminars, etc.). 


Membership category Definition of the category Price
Industrial The industrial members are companies in the Quebec aerospace sector who work in the one of the following sectors: design, construction, manufacturing, testing, maintenance, aircraft repair and aircraft component repair. Industrial members must be active in Quebec in one of the above-mentioned sectors. $1,100 + tx
Institutional Institutional members are associations, institutions and not-for-profit organisations whose mission is to support the aerospace sector (research and development, training, networking, etc.), that are distinct from the Corporation. $825 + tx
Partners The partner members are notably economic development organisations and agencies, educational institutions, service companies or firms whose principal activity is not aerospace, as well as Canadian or foreign partners, or any other organisation that is distinct from the Corporation. $1,450 + tx
Public sector The public sector members are governmental ministries and departments as well as different regional, municipal or local authorities in the Greater Montreal region. They sometimes will act as obervers on designated working groups or sub-working groups Free 



Valentina Contreras