Innovation Monitoring and Strategy Working Group


Jarrod Morley

Workgroup members

  • Houssam Alaouie, CAE
  • François Arrien, AV&R Aerospace
  • Alain Aubertin, CRIAQ
  • Sylvain Boisvert, Safran engineering Services
  • Mikael Cardinal, Zenith Altitude
  • Patrick Champagne, Esterline CMC Électronique
  • Christine Chanal, Fusia
  • MarieChantal Chassé, JMJ Aeronautics
  • Phil Cole, Marinvent
  • Jean Colpin, Université McGill
  • Mélissa Côté, Rolls-Royce Canada
  • Sue Dabrowski, Libellule Monde
  • Mathieu Demers, Avianor
  • Pascal Désilets, CTA
  • Michel Dion, Bell
  • Bob Katz, Katz Design
  • Denis Lacroix, CNRC/NRC
  • Anne-Marie Lann Phan, Agence spatiale canadienne
  • Sylvain Larochelle, Pratt & Whitney Canada
  • Éric Laurendeau, École Polytechnique de Montréal
  • Mouhab Meshreki, CNRC
  • Christian Moreau, Université Concordia
  • Hany Moustapha, AÉROÉTS et Pratt & Whitney Canada
  • Dany Paraschivolu, Institut de recherche aérospatiale, CNRC
  • Donald Prévost, INO
  • Éric Roberge, Luxia
  • Jean Roussel, L3 MAS
  • Peter Rosenthal, CNRC-PARI
  • Dominique Sauvé, SA2GE
  • Marc-André Talbot, Thales Canada


Observateurs :

  • Dominique Leroy, ISDE/ISED
  • Stéphan Fogaing, MESI
  • Marco Blouin, MESI

Canadian industry is increasingly facing competition from emerging countries such as China and India, two countries that are investing heavily in their manufacturing sectors. In order to remain a leader, Québecs aerospace industry needs to boost its innovation efforts. 

The working group’s mandate is to define an aerospace innovation strategy and  action plan for Québec and to establish and coordinate projects that support this strategy. It  covers everything from concept to commercialization, from private research to public and academic research, in close collaboration with the Consortium for Research and Innovation in Aerospace in Québec (CRIAQ) and the  Consortium for Aerospace Research and Innovation in Canada (CARIC). (Created in 2006) 



  • To establish an initiative aimed at developing a strategy for aerospace innovation in Québec. 
  • To identify and coordinate initiatives for structuring projects in support of the innovation strategy. 
  • To work with other innovation organizations to ensure good coordination and avoid duplication of efforts. 


Key projects: 


Working Group Committees 

  • Ideas Committee (innovation) 
  • Aéro 21 Committee 
  • SA2GE Committee (external link)  
  • Recycling Committee (SA2GE) 
  • SME and Innovation Committee  
  • AI and Disruptive Technologies Committee  

Workgroup President

“I think it's vital that our industry successfully transitions to emerging technologies, such as electrification, automation, artificial intelligence, virtual aviation, and so on. This is essential if we are to maintain our leadership position in the world, and continue to benefit from the spinoffs of this great industry.”

Fassi Kafyeke
Workgroup President
Senior Director Strategic Technology and Innovation
Bombardier Aerospace