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    Xiphos provides specialized computing solutions built around flight-proven miniature processing products, including :
    - Hybridized software and logic implementation of computing-intensive algorithms, such as those needed for complex image or signal processing;
    - The migration of certain ground-based information technologies toward fault-tolerant architecture intended for use in harsh environments, such as those susceptible to pressure, vibration, radiation or extreme temperatures;
    - The implementation of all of the above while minimizing size, mass and energy requirements.
    The resulting computing solutions deliver high-end performance at much lower cost than traditional flight processors for on-board spacecraft, aircraft and other platforms.

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    Quality Standard(s): PMC / CGP

    Categories: Software engineering, Electric and electronic systems


    3981 boul. St-Laurent bur. 500 Montréal H2W 1Y5


    Stéphane Germain