Virtual aerospace case study student competition

Tomorrow’s innovations in the MRO sector: Ensuring reliable and efficient tool control during maintenance operations on commercial aircraft 

Aircraft maintenance guarantees the safe optimization of the aircraft. Many trades and companies are involved in carrying out these activities, which are regulated by Transport Canada. In Québec, many companies specialize in aircraft maintenance and repair, ensuring a safe and reliable airspace. Every day, thousands of technicians and engineers maintain and overhaul commercial, charter and military fleets. 



Participate in this student competition and win a $2,000 scholarship!

Teams wishing to participate in the competition must register now. The students will present their work on December 16th before a jury during the Vitrines 2020 event. The winning team will be announced live at the end of the day and will receive the sum of $ 2,000 thanks to the support of our partner, the Canadian Mobility and Aerospace Institute.