Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Working Group Vision:

Position Québec as a vital and recognized player in the RPAS sector in Canada and internationally. 

Working Group objectives:

Bring together and create synergies within Québec’s RPAS community in order to represent and defend with one voice the interests of sector stakeholders while contributing to the sector’s development.

  • Support the global development of Québec’s RPAS sector.
  • Drive the strategic positioning and representation of Québec’s RPAS sector
  • Promote the commercialization of RPAS

Members of the working group Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


Marc Moffatt

CED (Centre d’Excellence sur les Drones)


  • Nicolas Brodeur, Bell
  • Pascal Chiva-Bernard, ARA Robotique
  • Phil Cole, Marinvent
  • Romain Gauduchon, Dac Aero
  • Scott Hendry, Airbus
  • Enrick Laflamme, Laflamme Aero
  • Normand Landry, Explorer Solution
  • Sébastien Long, Microdrones
  • Xavier Louis, Thales
  • David Neveu, NGC Aerospace
  • Roxane Saint-Louis, Hydro-Québec
  • Abdo Shabah, Humanitas
  • Marc-André Talbot, Thales
  • Nicolas Toniazzi, Leonardo



  • Carmen Marcu, Export Québec
  • José Martin, Transport Canada
  • Marc Moffat, CED
  • William De Keiser, CED
  • Audrey Falcucci, CRIAQ
  • Stephan Fogaing, MEI
  • Charles Vidal, CNRC
  • Erica Zoia, Conseil économique du Haut Richelieu
  • Sylvain Bourque, Transport Canada
  • Helene Beaugrand-Champagne, Camaq