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    Tecnickrome Aeronautique (subsidiary of SPPCA) is a truly one-stop integrated processor offering a wide range of non-destructive testing, metal finish treatments, plating, and supplementary manufacturing processes. Magnetic particle inspection, liquid penetrant inspection, temper etch inspection, shot peen, dry film lube, passivation, chromium plating, cadmium plating, titanium-cadmium plating, zinc-nickel plating, electroless nickel plating, HVOF, grinding, superfinish, honing and painting are a sample of the processes performed in one integrated facility.
    NADCAP and Controlled Goods Program registered (CGP), our extensive aerospace civil and military approval list includes all the major aerospace OEM's.

    Informations about the business

    Number of employees: 130

    Quality Standard(s): NADCAP, PMC / CGP, AS9100

    Categories: Surface treatment and paint, Testing, Control & inspection, Maintenance, Repairs, Refurbishment (MRO)


    12264, rue April Montréal H1B 5N5


    Marc Montreuil