Supply Chain Development

The global aerospace supply chain is rapidly changing. The challenges posed by this transformation are major, but also offer great opportunities for the Québec industry, which is recognized for the expertise and ingenuity of its members.

In a context of globalized world markets, prime contractors are reducing the number of their suppliers, preferring to work with a few intermediary companies that offer integrated solutions and manage numerous subcontractors.

Consequently, the global supply chain is changing, favouring the emergence of integrators who are entrusted with the responsibility for the design, fabrication and assembly of complete systems.
To maintain its leadership position, our industry now has to constantly adapt and innovate to provide an integrated supply chain that is more flexible and aligned with the expectations of prime contractors. Suppliers need to improve their operating practices, increase their innovation capacity, promote partnerships, in short, work together to become stronger.

In the midst of these transformations, Aéro Montréal created the Supply Chain Development Working group. Composed of 13 individuals representing stakeholders in the aerospace supply chain, the group’s mandate is to oversee the planning, coordination and implementation of a concerted action plan to respond to the major issues of subcontracting and, ultimately, to increase the competitiveness of Québec aerospace suppliers. It also aims to strengthen the Québec aerospace supply chain vis-à-vis international competition.

Members of the working group Supply Chain Development


Louis Marc Pinard
Deputy General Manager and Director, Strategic Planning & Commercial

  • Timothy Ayoub, L3 MAS
  • Sylvain Bédard, Sonaca Montréal
  • Marc Bigras, Groupe Meloche
  • Louis Bouchard, Bombardier
  • François Cyr, PCM Techfab
  • Jacques Dodier, Pratt & Whitney Canada
  • Éric Faucher, Hutchinson Aéronautique et Industrie Ltée
  • Gilles Isabel, Bell Helicopter Textron
  • Jean-Louis Moreau, CAE
  • Jean Proteau, APN
  • Martin Richard, Héroux-Devtek
  • Bassam Sabbagh, JMJ Aéronautique


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