Increase SMEs’ competitiveness

With the financial support of the Conseil emploi métropole, Aéro Montréal is implementing the multi-sectoral initiative Compétences PME, in collaboration with the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal and the Montréal InVivo and Propulsion Québec clusters.
This initiative helps SMEs in all sectors to better use their talents in order to increase their productivity. It guides companies in identifying their under-utilized, missing or untapped skills and tools them to innovate in business and talent management practices. This initiative provides a framework to facilitate the migration of SMEs to a more effective talent management culture. Orchestrating a coherent strategy to attract, develop and retain talent is the foundation for SMEs to increase their productivity and ensure their sustainability.


  • Minimize the impacts of labor shortages
  • Increase the motivation of workers in their jobs
  • Maximize the use of your employees' skills
  • Increase your employee retention rate
  • Enhance the performance of your employees for maximum contribution to the company's strategic objectives
  • Increase the versatility of your teams
  • Enhance the value of your employer brand in a highly competitive job market to attract the best employees
  • Transform the company's culture towards continuous improvement and promote a transformation towards a learning company
  • Enable your managers to become experts in people development
  • Integrate the development of your employees and their skills into their daily lives
  • Ensure the success of your improvement projects


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Contact Person

 Béatrice Perier Agostini
 Director, Next generation & workforce
 380, rue Saint-Antoine Ouest, bureau 3120
 Montréal (Québec)  H2Y 3X7
 Cell. : 514-823-8112