MRO and Defence and Security Day (100% virtual)

Event date

December 16, 2020

Event location

En ligne / Online


Charlotte Laramée

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This year, in a transformed environment that makes partnerships and the sharing of expertise paramount, we are inviting the defence and MRO sectors to participate in a combined event that will be 100% virtual. MRO and Defence Day is reinventing itself to ensure a dynamic experience for participants who will be able to attend the activities of their choice on the theme of defence or MRO during a day of conferences, workshops and B2B meetings.

Defence program 

Despite the exceptional situation we are experiencing in the industry, major defence procurement projects remain on track and more than 40 Canadian government contracts will be awarded in Canada over the next 3 years. This event will provide a detailed overview of defence programs and the sector’s needs in the coming years, whether it be innovation, disruptive technologies or cyber security. Many practical conferences on defence business development in Canada and in the export market will be presented. The afternoon B2B/B2G sessions will allow you to meet with prime contractors and Canadian government representatives related to these major acquisition projects.

MRO program

In light of the situation facing the aerospace sector, the MRO sector must, more than ever, reinvent itself and maintain a forward-looking vision that champions innovation, inspires the next generation, and enables it to remain competitive on the international stage. Industry trends and ways to meet these challenges through new and more collaborative approaches will be addressed during the day’s various panels and conferences. Participants will even be invited to ask their questions in advance so that an expert can answer their current concerns live at the event. Register and stay connected!

You will also be able to meet in B2B/B2G format with prime contractors, their Tier 1 suppliers, government officials, and your future local and international industrial partners, to position yourself on future projects.

If you would like to be a partner of the event, please contact Charlotte Laramée to find out more about the offers available.