Partnership & Growth


Anouk wawrzyniak

Workgroup members

  • Jean Blondin, Abipa Canada
  • Jacques Cabana, FDC Composites
  • Stéphanie Lemieux, Libellule Monde
  • Christian Delisle, Electro-Kut
  • Guillaume Gasparri, Groupe DCM
  • Xavier Kauza, Thermetco
  • Joseph Laflamme, Vestshell
  • Martin Fournier, Groupe Meloche
  • Emmanuel Polman, Pratt & Whitney Canada
  • Jean-Charles Raillat, Groupe DCM
  • Stéphane Roy, Presagis
  • Eduardo Ruiz, Ruiz Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Tommy Trudel, Delastek
  • Stéphane Turcotte, Nétur

This working group’s mandate is to  support the growth of Québec companies by strengthening their strategic positioning, accelerating their international expansion, and promoting consolidation actions. (Created in 2012) 



  • To increase the growth of Québecs aerospace cluster tenfold in order to maintain its position as a global player in an increasingly competitive market. 
  • To foster synergies within the cluster and ensure its global growth. 
  • To strengthen the strategic positioning of Québec companies. 
  • To promote the consolidation and growth of Québec companies. 
  • To increase the international presence of Québec companies. 


Key projects and committees: 

Workgroup President

“I truly believe that the growth of our industry and our companies depends on stakeholders complementing each other and working together. This is what I will try to champion during my mandate by linking players who did not know each other or who had not realized the potential of joining forces.”

Jean-Charles Raillat

Président du Chantier,
Directeur des opérations /
Vice-président exécutif
Groupe DCM