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  • Industries Rainville

    Company profile

    Innovative solutions in the manufacture of industrial equipment.

    Founded in 1929, Rainville Industries specializes in the design, manufacturing, repair, sales and installation of industrial equipment and various metallic products. The core operations are machining, welding, sheet metal manufacturing and surface treatments.

    Our mission at Rainville Industries is to help industry leaders find innovative solutions to improve their productivity.

    Rainville's experience ranges from rail transport to aerospace industry by way of industrial manufacturing operations. Our team of engineers has the expertise to meet your needs.

    Rainville is the first service center for maintenance of Tronair ground support equipment. The company provides technical support to various Canadian-based airlines.

    Informations about the business

    Number of employees: 40

    Quality Standard(s): AS 9100 en implantation

    Categories: Maintenance, Repairs, Refurbishment (MRO), Machining, Equipment and specialized tools


    175, route 104 St-Jean sur Richelieu J2X 5T7


    Ghislain Sabourin