Global Supply Chain Summit 2021 Aerospace - 1st edition

Event date

May 10-11, 2021

Event location

Événement terminé / Event is over


Martin-Charles Boucher

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Event description:

Building on the success of the fifth edition of the Global Supply Chain Summit held in April 2019 at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal (600 participants from more than 15 countries and close to 40 world-class speakers), Aéro Montréal is dedicating the sixth edition to the exchange of ideas and discussions on the challenges facing the aerospace industry. The theme of this latest edition will be: SHAPING THE FUTURE OF A MORE SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY CHAIN.

The Global Supply Chain Summit brings together all the players in the global aerospace industry and their suppliers. Its objective is to stimulate discussions on current best practices in procurement and to facilitate collaborations among industry players. It is the largest gathering of aerospace decision-makers in Canada in the field of procurement where future challenges and potential business opportunities are presented.

After 15 years of strong growth and development, our sector is now making a digital shift where innovation, the environment and startups are playing a key role in unlocking new growth opportunities and improving efficiency. In addition, it must respond to new challenges related to cyber security and reducing its carbon footprint. Supply chain players will be called upon to revamp their ways of doing things to offer their customers a greener and smarter product in order to remain competitive. Aéro Montréal is dedicating the 2021 edition of the Summit to this shift, which will forever change the dynamics of our industry and the ecosystem that supports it.

2021: A one-of-a-kind edition!

To adjust to a new reality and offer a safe event adapted to the needs of the market, the Summit is reinventing itself by offering a two-phase formula.

In May, two mornings of conferences and meetings will take stock of the challenges facing the global supply chain in a context of profound transformation. International collaborations will be featured and discussions will focus on exploring new outlooks for the future. Roundtable discussions with key decision-makers from Canada and Europe will provide an opportunity to discuss common challenges and global opportunities.

In October, for a full day, participants will get together for a 100% virtual (if public authority regulations allow gatherings, virtual tickets could be converted to in-person tickets with an additional charges) event that will precede Aéromart Montréal, one of the aerospace sector’s largest business conventions. Participants will be able to discuss solutions for creating a sustainable supply chain and reinventing themselves in a post-COVID era.

The 2021 series of events will also focus on addressing succession and workforce challenges. Digital professions will be highlighted and we will promote the sector’s appeal by offering an immersive experience through virtual factory tours.

Event objectives:

  • Showcase the main advances made in global aerospace supply chains;
  • Stimulate the growth of the aerospace sector in Montréal by sharing strategic challenges and best practices and tactics related to aerospace supply chain management;
  • Promote the attractiveness of the aerospace sector for the next generation of workers by offering an immersive experience to participants;
  • Increase business opportunities in aerospace procurement;
  • Strengthen ties between global aerospace leaders and the entire Montréal aerospace industry;
  • Mobilize the main players in the field around common strategies to make the supply chain more sustainable;
  • Foster the sustainability of the aerospace supply chain with an emphasis on local resilience and competitiveness;
  • Encourage partnerships between various organizations.


Global Supply Chain Summit 2021 - Shaping the Future of a More Sustainable Supply Chain will take place over two time periods.

MAY 10-11, 2021: Two mornings of international conferences and roundtables - 100% virtual formula

Theme: Exploring new outlooks for the future: International collaborations in the spotlight

OCTOBER 26, 2021: A full day of conferences in conjunction with International Aerospace Week - 100% virtual formula

Theme: Reinventing ourselves in a post-Covid era: What are the solutions for a sustainable supply chain?


Target audience:

The Summit is aimed at all players in the global aerospace industry, including OEMs, equipment manufacturers and integrators, SMEs, startups, university representatives, the next generation of workers, economic development officials and specialized journalists.

In addition, because of its link with Aéromart Montréal, a large proportion of the participants will be from abroad, strengthening Montréal’s role as a world centre of excellence in aerospace.