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  • GARDN - Groupement Aéronautique de...

  • GARDN - Groupement Aéronautique de Recherche et Développement en eNvironnement / Green Aviation Research & Development Network

    Company profile

    GARDN receives equally shared funding from the federal government and the Canadian aerospace industry. The first round of financing terminated in 2014, and GARDN was granted more financing for a second round of five years until 2019. The new round, GARDN II, has kept the focus on the ongoing development of technology and procedures for a greener aviation to achieve the environmental objectives of the global aerospace industry. Both programs, GARDN I and GARDN II, have jointly generated close to $70 million in research and development projects.

    Informations about the business

    Number of employees: 0 à 10


    740 rue Notre-Dame Ouest bur. 1515 Montréal H3C 3X6


    Sylvain Cofsky