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Now recognized as a worldwide integrator, Delastek specializes in project management at all stages of development: research, development, design, certification and production. Delastek's multidisciplinary expertise allows it to offer a complete and customized product. In addition to developing composite structures, Delastek integrates circuit breaker panels, electronic casings, wiring, air ducts, finishing panels and other accessories. The final product is delivered ready to use.


2699 5e Avenue bur. 14, C.P. 10100
Grand-Mère, G9T 5K7


Claude Lessard

Fax 819-533-3494
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    AS 9100, ISO 9001, Bombardier Class A et B, Bell Helicopter QPS 100, 102 et 108
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    Assembly and sub-assembly, Electric and electronic systems, Composites and plastics