Defence and national security


Sylvain Lefrançois

Workgroup members

  • Alain Beaulieu, Mannarino
  • Marc Bigaouette, Bell Textron Canada
  • Philippe Bisaillon, General Dynamics Mission Systems 
  • Luc Boucher, Ocean Software
  • Badr Boushel, Amrikart
  • Nick Chalkiadakis, CMC Électronique
  • Phil Cole, Marinvent
  • Francois Cyr, PCM Innovation
  • Susan Dabrowski, Libellule Monde
  • Sylvain Decoste, ENA
  • William De Keyser, CED
  • Denis Dufour, INO
  • Nicolas Duguay, IN-SEC-M
  • David Ferris, LSI
  • Marie-Christine Flibotte, Solaxis
  • Stephan Fogaing, MEI
  • Fabrice Garro, AKKA
  • Manon Gaudet, IATA
  • Joe Gazalé, L3HARRIS Technologies
  • Xavier Kauza, Thermetco
  • Jarred Knecht, Promark Electroniques
  • Patrice Lavoie, Varitron
  • Felix Leblanc, OVA
  • Lorenzo Marandola, M1 Composites
  • Vincent Marcotte, Héroux-Devtek
  • Jessica Martel, DEC pour les régions du QC
  • Karine Martinez, FDC Composites
  • Paul Meyran, RRAM
  • Denis Pelletier, CAE
  • Patrick Pharand, Collins Aerospace
  • Laurent  Pieraut, CS Canada
  • Jean-Marc Rochon, MEI
  • Gilles Sarrazin, CNRC
  • Sylvain Savard, Avianor
  • Alain Thilloy, MTLS Aerostructure
  • Ray Townsend, Lockheed Martin Canada
  • Eric Tremblay, P&WC
  • Erica Zoia, InnoSecur

Canadas defence industry is a cornerstone of security and economic growth on Canadian soil. These large-scale contracts support innovation, maintain challenging, high-value-added jobs, and contribute to the growth of our industry. 


The mandate of this working group is to help Québecs aerospace industry better compete with Canadian and international players in the aerospace defence market. (Created in 2009) 



  • To help Québec’s aerospace industry better compete with Canadian and international players in the aerospace defence market. 
  • To identify, coordinate execution, and follow-up on initiatives designed to structure projects in support of policy recommendations. 
  • To set key performance indicators (KPI) to measure the implementation  of the strategy. 
  • To work with other organizations in the sector to ensure non-duplication of efforts. 


Key projects: 

  • SDQuébec Portal 
  • Symposium on the Canadian Defence and Security Market 
  • Training program on the Canadian and American markets


Workgroup President

"We want to prepare Québec’s defence companies so that they can be successful with major Department of National Defence procurement programs and position themselves in export markets as well."

Ugo Paniconi

Président du Chantier,
Directeur Général,
L3HARRIS Technologies