Business Sheet


    Company profile

    BHS Composites is a medium to large sized parts manufacturing company for the flight simulator, aerospace, transportation, defense and street furniture markets. BHS Composites offers its customers services ranging from engineering to manufacturing, to assembly and installation. The company masters several processes and is renowned for its performance in combining different materials including fiberglass, carbon fiber and aluminum in the production of complex shapes. These hybrid solutions usually meet the technical requirements of lightness, aesthetics, strength and durability. The family business has two production sites; one in Sherbrooke (Quebec, Canada) and another in Vermont (USA) that unite to meet technological and manufacturing challenges of high quality.

    Informations about the business

    Number of employees: 75

    Quality Standard(s): ISO 9001, PMC / CGP

    Categories: Composites and plastics, Equipment and specialized tools


    2880, boul. Industriel Sherbrooke J1L 1V8