MRO Working Group


Damien Pereira

Workgroup members

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Many companies in Québecs aerospace cluster work in MRO (maintaining operational capacity). They have common challenges and no forum to collaborate and share their expertise. 


This working group’s mandate is to promote the excellence of Québecs MRO sector worldwide through concerted initiatives led by players with cutting-edge expertise. (Created in 2019) 


Working Group Objectives: 

  • To ensure the sustainability and expansion of the MRO sector in order to strengthen its position as an international player in an increasingly competitive market. 
  • To enhance the attractiveness of the MRO sector 
  • To strengthen the strategic positioning and competitiveness of Québec companies in the sector 
  • To work to ensure that regulation is not a drag on the sector's growth

Workgroup President

Québec's MRO sector made significant strides in 2022 thanks to the strategic discussions held within the Working Group. Solid foundations have been laid for the sector's gradual transformation, but there is still a need to strengthen cooperation between all players in the ecosystem to ensure the long-term growth of Québec expertise. The sector’s major companies have an important role to play in supporting Québec SMEs in their development on international markets, and to ensure an efficient and sustainable recovery. The outlook for 2023 is promising, with actions planned to promote concrete spinoffs in Québec for companies in a rapidly changing economic context.

Louis Mallette
Senior Vice-Président - Operations