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    Company profile

    AP&C is a producer of plasma atomized spherical metal powder, with extensive knowledge and experience in atomizing high melting point metals. AP&C is a producer of titanium, titanium alloys and nickel superalloys such as IN718. AP&C meets or exceeds the highest required standards for the aerospace industry. AP&C provides industrial scale production of size distribution designed for SLM, EBM, MIM, HIP and coating processes. Our company benefits from full in-house expertise to design, improve and maintain its proprietary plasma atomization technology. Our organization is quality focused with sophisticated quality systems, testing equipment and certifications.

    Informations about the business

    Number of employees: 170

    Quality Standard(s): ISO 9001, AS 9100

    Categories: Specialized supplies and services


    3765, rue La Vérendrye bureau 110 Boisbriand J7H 1R8


    Alain Dupont