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    Hemmingford Aerospace, Inc. (AHI) is a family business specialized in the machining, assembly and testing of highly complex and precise components for aircraft engines. With a history of over 50 years, AHI produces a wide range of parts and assemblies (fuel manifolds, air, fuel and oil valves, etc.) in a variety of materials (titanium, Inconel, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.). AHI is organized in production cells to manufacture each part with the most efficient and advanced processes, ensuring a reliable product, on-time delivery and an increased added value. In 2009, AHI became the first company in Quebec to achieve the status of “Supplier Gold” for United Technologies Corporation, a distinction that the company has succeeded in maintaining ever since.

    Informations about the business

    Number of employees: 95

    Quality Standard(s): ISO 9001, AS 9100

    Categories: Machining, Assembly and sub-assembly, Soldering/Welding


    447, route 202 Hemmingford J0L 1H0


    Dawn-Marie Turner