Aerospace Cybersecurity Initiative

Event date

June 1, 2022

Event location


Sylvain Lefrançois

T 514-987-9394

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  • In the aerospace sector, cybersecurity concerns: 
      • Manufacturing facilities and production methods
      • The complex connection between all links in the supply chain
      • Airplanes that use a multitude of electronic equipment
      • Certain new niches, such as advanced air mobility
  • For these reasons, governments and the main defence players impose cyber resilience requirements and/or cybersecurity certifications on their suppliers
  • It is very difficult for SMEs to face these requests which are new, costly and administratively heavy
  • Failure to meet such requirements for a business will cause it to lose contracts
  • Aéro Montréal is therefore launching the Aerospace Cybersecurity Initiative to help aerospace companies become cyber resilient and obtain the cybersecurity certifications required by government customers and contractors.



    • Participation in the aerospace cybersecurity committee
    • Training, support and Cybersecure Canada and CMMC certification audit
    • Participation in sharing circles/best practices and awareness events
    • Access to the Aerospace Cybersecurity Portal



For additional information or to register, please contact Mr. Sylvain Lefrançois (, 514-987-9394)