Certification Center Canada Receives Transport Canada Independent DAO Approval Through FTCE

Montreal, Canada, March 15, 2017 – Flight Test Centre of Excellence (FTCE), is delighted to announce that it has
received approval from Transport Canada as Canada’s first Independent Flight Test and Certification Design Approval
Organization (DAO) 17-Q-01.

Cert Center Canada (3C), the brand name of FTCE, was launched by Marinvent and FTCE in July 2016 at the Farnborough
International Airshow. 3C addresses the challenges faced by aerospace companies as they try to control and manage the
substantial cost, schedule, and risk associated with airworthiness certification for aerospace products.

The DAO approval makes it easier for 3C to grow to cover a broader spectrum of disciplines, take on staff, train new certification
professionals and handle larger, turnkey programs in order to help customers deal with certification more efficiently and
predictably. The DAO approval represents a very important milestone not only for the company, but also for the whole Canadian
Aerospace industry. Since 3C is an Independent DAO, 3C’s staff and resources can be used on any and all certification
programs, regardless of which customers are involved. This is a unique concept that enables the ready and coordinated
application of existing, experienced professionals and specialized infrastructure for certification projects across Canada. Making
use of 3C's test infrastructure, processes, tools and expertise will allow customers to fully optimize their use of their very
expensive certification resources, thereby significantly reducing the costs associated with this critical activity.

“3C provides the conduit required to leverage Canada’s existing certification infrastructure and to better amortize these large
and highly cyclical costs across 3C’s entire customer base,” said Dr. John Maris, President of 3C. “At the same time 3C
provides the opportunity to take on the necessary program volume required to keep very highly qualified certification staff in
Canada. This in turn provides the necessary to support our customers with rapid certification program ramp-up and the training
new certification professionals, making it easier for the Canadian aerospace industry to accommodate the increasing size,
complexity, and volume of new certification programs for years to come”.

About Cert Center Canada – 3C is an independent flight test, research, development and certification center providing a wide
range of services to the aerospace community in Canada and around the world. Founded in 2016 and headquartered on the
outskirts of Montreal — one of the largest aerospace centers in the world — 3C provides a Canada-wide centralized resource
with proven management, tools, and methods to undertake civil and military aerospace projects requiring flight test and
certification. For more information visit www.certcentercanada.com.