Manufactured in Vermont supply chain trade show (Aéro Montréal’s Québec Aerospace Delegation)

Date de l'événement

27 septembre 2018

Lieu de l'événement

Champlain Valley Exposition

Essex Jct., VT


Martin-C. Boucher

T 514 987-9324

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Événement Aéro Montréal

Join Aéro Montréal’s Québec Aerospace Delegation

Vermont’s Premier Supply Chain Conference & Trade Show
September 27, 2018


Join Aéro Montréal’s Québec Aerospace Delegation and participate in Vermont’s premier supply chain conference and trade show for advanced manufacturing, including aerospace, aviation, defense and space. Tap the American market and access US OEMs, defense contractors and pre-qualified suppliers for contacts and new business opportunities to optimize your supply chain.

Benefit from participating in a program featuring 120 exhibitors from Vermont, New England and Canada, 20 OEMs and prime contractors from the US and Canada, 400 B2B meetings, and 1,000 participants.

Event pass for conference and trade show
►Special invitation to VT- Québec Aerospace Trade Corridor Luncheon
►Access to pre-scheduled B2B Meetings with OEMs and supplier exhibitors
(1 B2B/2GO profile per Aéro Montréal member organization)


In support of the cooperation between the Vermont Chamber and Aéro Montréal to build a VTQuébec Aerospace Trade Corridor, the Vermont Chamber offers a special rate of US$700 per company for up to seven (7) Aéro Montréal members in Québec aerospace manufacturing.


August 10th, 2018


For delegation information and registration, please contact Martin-C. Boucher, 514 987-9324.